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  • Audio/Visual Equipment Rental.
  • Business Center.
  • Business Phone Service.
  • Complimentary Printing Service.
  • Express Mail.
  • Fax.
  • Meeting Rooms.
  • Office Rental.
  • Photo Copying Service.
  • Secretarial Service.
  • Telex.
  • Typewriter.
  • Video Conference.
  • Video Messaging.
  • Video Phone.
  • ATM.
  • Baggage Storage.


About City

Vancouver is a vibrant city located in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and a high quality of life. Here are some key aspects of Vancouver:

Geography: Vancouver is situated on the southwest coast of Canada, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The city is surrounded by mountains, including the North Shore Mountains, which provide a picturesque backdrop.

Climate: Vancouver has a temperate coastal climate, with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. It experiences less extreme temperatures compared to other parts of Canada.

Economy: The city has a strong and diverse economy, with key sectors including technology, film and television production, natural resources, tourism, and trade. Vancouver is a major port city, serving as a gateway between Canada and the Asia-Pacific region.

Cultural Diversity: Vancouver is known for its cultural diversity. A significant portion of the population has roots in Asia, particularly China and India. This diversity is reflected in the city's culinary scene, festivals, and cultural events.

Outdoor Recreation: The city is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Residents and visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and water sports. Stanley Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, offers a beautiful natural escape within the city.

Real Estate: Vancouver's real estate market is known for being one of the most expensive in Canada. The city has a mix of residential neighborhoods, ranging from downtown apartments to suburban homes.

Transportation: Vancouver has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, SkyTrain (rapid transit), and the SeaBus, which connects the city to the North Shore. The city is also known for its commitment to sustainability and has a strong cycling culture.

Cultural Attractions: Vancouver has numerous cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, and theaters. The Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra are just a few examples.


Attractions & Landmarks

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